Physician - Patient Dialogue Research

Our physician-patient dialogue research offers distinct advantages, capturing valuable insights on therapy decisions and brand choices. With real-time interviews of patients, physicians, and office staff, we provide comprehensive understanding at a competitive budget.

Physician - Patient Dialogue Research - Ethnographic Solutions

We believe that our physician-patient dialogue methodology has several advantages over that of Verilogue.

Patients are recruited on the cusp of a potential therapy change—initiation barriers and drivers, as well as brand decision-making, are much more likely captured with this patient type.

The ethnographer interviews patients right after their physician visit—what they recall, how they feel about the visit.

The ethnographer also interviews physician and relevant office staff on same day as the patient visit—they provide their interpretation of the patient cases and explain their own approach to the patient visit (e.g., how and why the observed cases exemplify or deviate from the typical patient visit).

Typical physician-patient dialogue projects involve 12-15 physicians, 30-45 patients, 8-10 office staff, and come with a $200-$275K budget.

“Nick is a premier market researcher who executes a variety of qualitative and ethnographic methodologies with a high degree of mastery. He provides great value through his incisive and insight-bearing moderation and analysis, and he delivers practical recommendations cost-effectively. In my opinion, his company is consistently the best small-qual and ethnographic firm out there.”

- Associate Director of Market Analytics