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doctor and patient have a conversation about treatment options

Dialogue Studies

We are known for our effective approach to physician-patient dialogue studies and research on sales representative-customer interactions.

Our training and experience in ethnography, social interaction, socio-linguistics has positioned us as experts in how these key stakeholders interact.

Device & Usability Studies

We combine our unique skills in the interplay between observation and interviewing to study how users interact with devices and applications.

Studies include identifying the root cause of users' device difficulties, as well as determining how to enhance product design.

Complex Qualitative Research

Our clients recognize that our distinctive analytic acumen makes us excellent partners for studies with more complex strategic objectives.

Examples include supply chain pain points (unmet needs) research, barriers & drivers studies, and the exploration of incipient prescribing trends.

“You are a trusted partner...Your insights are already influencing our next program.”

– Design Lead

About Us

High-level social scientific thinkers with extensive corporate experience

We are experts in ethnography and other “experience-near” qualitative research methods.

As cultural anthropologists (PhD), we also distinguish ourselves in the analysis of the captured data—identifying implicit social patterns that other researchers miss.

From our extensive corporate world experience, we have learned to structure the insights into useful business frameworks.

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