Patient Journey & Treatment Adherence Research

Navigate the patient journey and improve treatment adherence with our Patient Journey & Treatment Adherence Research. We meticulously map patients' experiences and identify underlying needs, while our strategic partnership with PreeMe+You offers integrated technology solutions for patient and HCP engagement, optimizing healthcare outcomes.

patient treatment adherence with help of a caregiver

Understanding the full and evolving arc of the patient’s disease experience provides a brand team with a core foundation of insights from which to develop meaningful marketing materials and resources that help patients’ with their needs.

Our patient journey studies involve a careful mapping of the patients’ experiences through multiple disease phases, including pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, treatment choice, treatment initiation / onboarding, and through a few lines of therapy.

At each phase, we capture various experiential areas, including key activities / interactions (e.g., with healthcare providers, family / caregivers, information resources), the patients’ mindsets, emotional dispositions, specific fears, and challenges / pain points—data that also allow us to extrapolate their underlying needs.

A central focus of these studies is also on identifying factors that undermine and disrupt, as well as motivate and drive, treatment adherence.

Methodologically, we recruit patients who have freshy completed different phases along this journey, as well as those healthcare providers who routinely interface with these patients at different points in the journey.

In subsequent project phases, our team develops concepts for resources intended to address unmet patient needs and enhance their treatment adherence. These concepts are then tested among patients and healthcare providers to assess their relative appeal, as well as to draw insights to optimize their potential design.

Ethnographic Solutions has recently partnered with PreeMe+You—a social benefit health startup that focuses on developing patient- and HCP-centered technology solutions (

PreeMe+You’s initial project involved developing a patient facing mobile app and platform modeled on the PreeMe Color Journey System from admissions through discharge.

This interface, now used by leading NICUs, facilitates NICU HCPs’ engagement with and education of parents.

With its in-house medical anthropology and tech development teams, PreeMe+You is now developing similar technology solutions modeled from insights on the patient journey in other disease categories.

The strategic collaboration between Ethnographic Solutions and PreeMe+You provides healthcare companies an integrated approach to:

  1. Leverage deep insights from the patient journey.
  2. Design resources and technology solutions that help patients with their key needs and improve their treatment adherence.
  3. Develop and roll out these patient and HCP-centered technology solutions in a cost-effective manner.

“Nick is a premier market researcher who executes a variety of qualitative and ethnographic methodologies with a high degree of mastery. He provides great value through his incisive and insight-bearing moderation and analysis, and he delivers practical recommendations cost-effectively. In my opinion, his company is consistently the best small-qual and ethnographic firm out there.”

- Associate Director of Market Analytics