Competitive Landscape Tracking Studies

Stay ahead of the competition with our Competitive Landscape Tracking Studies. Our rapid spot studies offer quick insights into emergent strategic problems, while recurring tracking studies provide ongoing customer perception and behavior insights, enabling nimble marketing and sales strategies for maximizing business opportunities.

gaps and questions in understanding trends from analytics data

Analytics data have made it easier and faster to identify marketplace trends, but understanding the specific factors driving these patterns often remains challenging.

For instance, when a company’s product is losing market share to a specific competitor among a specific customer subset, there is a need to supplement analytics with a qualitative inquiry to achieve a detailed understanding of why this occurring.

Through 3rd-party agreements, prescriber-level IQVIA data allows us to recruit the specific physicians that exhibit the prescribing trends of interest.

These studies can be one-time “spot” studies or they can be recurring “tracking studies.”

The spot studies, intended to elucidate an emergent strategic problem, often demand a quick turnaround. From RFP to final deliverable, we can complete these studies within 3-4 weeks, largely because we excel in our recruiting dedication and resourcefulness.

The tracking studies provide brands team with ongoing and up-to-date strategic insight on customers’ perceptions and behaviors in the competitive landscape.

The tracking studies are typically composed of 3-4 annual “waves.” For each “wave” of the tracking study, there are a set of standard and recurring questions, but a new set of questions are also integrated that capture the team’s most immediate strategic interests.
These tracking studies are similar to quantitative ATU (Awareness Trial Usage) or AAU (Awareness Attitude Usage), but they provide deeper insights on what is shaping customers’ evolving perceptions and behaviors.

To accurately track and assess changes, the tracking studies involve mostly the same set of respondents during each study wave. However, a small proportion (15-20%) of less thoughtful respondent are replaced each wave.

As the study waves progress, the respondent sample is refined to a more thoughtful and perceptive group who provide a distinctively useful perspective on key current and expected future changes in the treatment landscape.

Our tracking studies, in this sense, extend beyond the typical scope of market research studies and into the realm of business intelligence.

Insights from these spot and tracking studies allow marketing and sales teams to stay nimble—quickly adjusting their approach to preempt counterproductive trends and maximize favorable downstream business opportunities.

“Nick is a premier market researcher who executes a variety of qualitative and ethnographic methodologies with a high degree of mastery. He provides great value through his incisive and insight-bearing moderation and analysis, and he delivers practical recommendations cost-effectively. In my opinion, his company is consistently the best small-qual and ethnographic firm out there.”

- Associate Director of Market Analytics