Buying Process Studies

Gain valuable market insights and understand specific product opportunities with our Buying Process Studies. Our 3-phase approach includes in-depth interviews, treatment decision-making maps, and product profile assessments to provide a well-contextualized understanding of physician decision-making.

buying process market research

Buying process studies provide client teams with a foundational qualitative understanding of the market landscape and well-contextualized insights on the specific market opportunities that their product could potentially claim.

Our approach to buying process projects typically involves 3 study phases—all phases composed of 1-on-1 qualitative interviews with the relevant healthcare provider.

Phase 1 involves eliciting physicians’ cultural / conceptual models of diagnosis and treatment decision-making. From these findings, we generate treatment decision-making maps, which we present to physicians for feedback and refinement in a shorter second study phase.

We believe that our background in psychological / cultural anthropology heightens our ability to elicit and identify the organization of the shared conceptual constructs underlying physician decision-making.

In a third study phase, we determine the relative scale and frequency of the various patient types and decision-making branches in the treatment maps. Physician respondents also react to a product profile (TPP) and, using the treatment map, indicate where and how frequently they would prescribe the product.

“Nick is a premier market researcher who executes a variety of qualitative and ethnographic methodologies with a high degree of mastery. He provides great value through his incisive and insight-bearing moderation and analysis, and he delivers practical recommendations cost-effectively. In my opinion, his company is consistently the best small-qual and ethnographic firm out there.”

- Associate Director of Market Analytics