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Consumer Unmet Needs Research

Since consumer needs often exist outside of their everyday awareness, we prefer to conceptualize them as “unrecognized consumer needs.” Additionally, the discussion of “unmet needs” is too absolute—we carefully examine those areas in which customers’ existing needs may only be partially satisfied (“undermet needs”) as ripe opportunities for innovation or enhancement.

Interpreting the complexities of the consumption experience—going beyond what consumers say, to get at what they really mean and actually do in their behavioral routines—enables us to provide illuminating insights to critical questions, including:

  • ·   What are consumers’ situational and task-specific goals?
  • ·   What are consumer deeper-level motivations and aspirations?
  • ·   What specifically in the brand and category experience frustrates or disappoints them?
  • ·   What behavioral strategies have they adapted to overcome problems they encounter?

With this more intimate understanding of the consumer experience and worldview, Ethnographic Solutions provides clear tactical insight on how to close the gap between what customers really need and what is currently available to them.