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Nicholas Kottak, PhD - Principal

Nick received his undergraduate training in anthropology at Columbia College (Columbia University) and completed his doctoral degree in cultural/psychological anthropology at Emory University.

He has been conducting qualitative research for over twenty years, including twelve years designing and implementing market research projects for corporate clients.

Nick has led highly successful ethnographic and qualitative research projects for brand teams across multiple industries, including consumer, retail, healthcare, finance, insurance, professional sports, and media.

Nick also previously worked at GfK V2 for three years where he specialized in global qualitative and ethnographic research projects for many Fortune 500 pharmaceutical firms across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Conrad Kottak, PhD - Principal

Conrad, one of the nation's leading anthropological scholars, is the Julian H. Steward Collegiate Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Michigan. He has been elected to both the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, where he chairs Section 51, Anthropology.

Now in their 15th editions at McGraw-Hill, his textbooks in anthropology and cultural anthropology have been best-sellers for decades. Conrad also is the author of several books and articles on the environment, contemporary American culture, consumer culture, culture change, and cross-cultural approaches to television and media.

Chris McCollum, PhD - Senior Researcher

Chris received his doctoral degree in cultural/psychological anthropology at Duke University.

His ethnographic research on romantic love not only has won awards from the Society of Psychological Anthropology and the Robert J. Stoller Foundation, but it also has been featured on many popular news outlets (e.g., Glamour magazine, NPR's "Morning Edition," & CBC's "The Current").

Before beginning his career in corporate anthropology, Chris was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Emory University's MARIAL (Myth and Ritual in American Life) Center.

Chris has over fifteen years of experience managing all aspects of qualitative research projects in an array of industries, including medical/pharmaceutical, insurance, casual dining, consumer goods, broadcast media and technology.

During his years at GfK SMC, a leading pharmaceutical market research company, Chris developed extensive experience interviewing patients and a range of medical professionals across many therapeutic areas. Chris was previously the Director of Qualitative Research with the U30 Group, a consumer insights and market research company.

Peter Richardson, PhD - Senior Researcher

Pete's doctorate is in psychological anthropology from Emory University.

While he is very experienced in conducting consumer research projects, he specializes in employee ethnographies, or Workplace Anthropology, bringing ethnographic methods to understanding organizational psychology and workplace culture.

As a Sloan Research Fellow at the Center for the Ethnography of Everyday Life and the Institute for Social Research (ISR) at the University of Michigan, Pete conducted extended ethnographic research on the lives and factory experiences of auto workers.

He has also done ethnographic research on work in timber mills and on Alaskan factory trawlers, exploring topics such as family models in workplace organization and play and productivity in work groups.

Pete's research, sophistication, and training in psychoanalytic theory and organizational behavior introduce a novel and powerful explanatory framework for understanding the tacit social and psychological dimensions of workplace and consumer settings.

Christopher Wahlfeld, PhD - Senior Researcher

Christopher received his doctoral degree in anthropology from The University at Buffalo.

Drawing from his complementary training in medical anthropology and human biology, Christopher brings fifteen years of qualitative research experience, including three years experience in pharmaceutical and medical device marketing research.

Prior to applying his skills to corporate anthropology, Christopher’s research included exploring the healthcare practices of Hmong refugees in Missoula, Montana, and several maternal-child health projects in the Indian Himalaya.